A battle brewing: USL players reject pay cut proposal for 2020 USL season.

There is a battle brewing between the USL and USL Players Association as the current pandemic still reeks havoc on the sports landscape even as some USL clubs have returned to some form of limited training in their facilities.

While it is unknown when the USL will return to the pitch for live matches, the USL has been planning to resume the season. It still hopes to play a full season for the USL Championship and USL League One, although reports have come out on possible modified season with divisional play in several centralized locations.

This battle for pay began on May 15th with a statement from the USL with the training moratorium being extended, in the second paragraph USL stated “The USL also continues to work with the USLPA on….economic relief, and the larger collective bargaining process”

KOB4 in New Mexico reported that USL proposed massive pay cuts, up to an 80 percent of monthly salaries for any USL player making over $1000. There is no current minimum wage for USL Championship and USL League One players, some are making less than a living wage to play the season that runs from February to November.

On May 19th the USLPA responded as the rejected the USL proposal for pay cuts during the 2020 season.

The first real big battle for USLPA is in full force as they released the statement and in part are counter proposing a 10% pay cut on all 2020 salary wages above $2000 per month in consideration for the following:

  1. The League matching the Player’s salary cuts
  2. Club’s agreement to a minimum salary of $20,00 beginning in 2021
  3. The League agreeing to increase its bargaining frequency to every 14 days unitl a collective bargaining agreement is reached.

On same day as the USLPA statement, the USL responded to the USLPA with the following statement.

As it stands, the USL has not accepted the USLPA counter proposal. Players around the League have voiced their support for the USLPA with #StandWithThePlayers

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A post shared by Cody Laurendi (@codylaurendi) on

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#standwiththeplayers @uslplayers

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Cody Laurendi of OKC Energy, Micheal Reed of Mephis 901 and Cyprian Hedrick from Tulsa are among the players voicing #StandWithThePlayers

So the battle between the USLPA and the USL will continue on. How it could affect the restart of the season remains to be seen, but it is apparent that it won’t be worth to the players to go away from family and friends to play an unknown amount of games in an time where everything has changed.

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