HS Soccer: SA Area High School Boys Sim Soccer Tournament

We want to have a little fun with this one. High School soccer along with a lot of life was put of hold due to the current situation, with UIL cancelling all spring sports we will never know who could of won State. The Soy SAF staff decided to run a small simulated tournament using our far reaching computer simulations to see if we can crown a virtual San Antonio area High School Boys Soccer Champion in 6A.

Our simulation tournament will run from May 14 through the 17th. May 14 will be the round of 16, May 15 will be the quarterfinal, May 16 the semifinals and May 17 the Final.

We took high schools from 6A districts 26, 27 and 28 (the San Antonio Area schools) and ranked them one through sixteen in a single elimination simulated tournament. So here were some of the guidelines to how we ranked them: 1. we ranked them by where they finished in their respective districts and compared each team to a team in a different district finished in the same place in the standings. For example, we looked at each of the first place teams in each district; LEE, Schertz Clemens and SA Marshall. Compared their win-loss-tie records and based the higher rankings on winning percentage to rank them one through three and we went all the way down to the 16th spot. If there any tie breakers, we used a coin to determine the higher ranking seed. We based the ranking off of the SA Express news standings when the UIL season was put on hold.

Here are the standings as reported from SA Express:

The bracket looks this for our simulated soccer tournament. Top 16 teams in the San Antonio Area from three districts to see who will come out on top.

Who will win in our tournament? Follow us and find out. We will simulate the games virtually, post stats and recaps throughout. We will also run similar simulated tournaments for the Boys 5A and Girls 5A and 6A in the next few weekends. We hope you enjoy, have a little fun with it and root for your team!



  1. There appears to be an error in Smithson Valley and Steele’s records. I’m pretty sure that didn’t play two games at once on 3/6 with identical scores…


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