Riverwalk Rivalry: SA Runners and SA Athenians will meet for the first time in UWS play

From Ryan Figert – Athenians Media

(SAN ANTONIO) – This weekend’s UWS matchup with the SA Runners is a landmark moment for women’s soccer in San Antonio. Saturday’s match will be the first time that two teams from San Antonio will play each other in the UWS. The matchup has been coined the “Riverwalk Rivalry.” The Athenians hold a 1-1-1 record through 3 games and the Runners are 1-1-0 (1 win, 1 loss) in the young season with points at a premium in the UWS Southwest Conference. An excited crowd is expected to be on hand to watch the UWS Southwest Region’s defending champion face off with the conference’s newest team. 

Photo by Anthony Bell

When: Saturday June 4 at 7:00 vs SA Runners

Where: All Home Games played at Soccer Central (6610 Low Bid Ln, San Antonio 78250)

Who: San Antonio Athenians SC and San Antonio Runners SC.

Where to Watch: The game will also be available to watch online on Eleven Sports here: https://elevensports.com/view/event/cl36aopy3ynjh0jbf7bob4ohv?src=CPT_EL 

Photo by Anthony Bell

Additional from Soy SAF

In anticipation of the first intercity UWS match between the San Antonio Runners and San Antonio Athenians, in the “Riverwalk Rivalry” we reached to both clubs for exclusive comments on what the players think of the upcoming derby.

Raeann Garcia – SA Runners

“It’s a real honor and what seems to be a big showdown for both clubs. Seeing that San Antonio now has two UWS teams in competition to show the nation what San Antonio has! I think this match up makes me just as excited as going to go play in Ukraine!”

 Melanie Varela – SA Runners

“I feel honored to be apart of history, playing the game I love surrounded by amazing women. ”

Emma Ruiz – SA Athenians

It’s exciting to be a part of the first UWS intercity derby as it is a testament to the growth of women’s soccer in San Antonio. I’m looking forward to a great game and the beginning of the Riverwalk rivalry!

Olivia Wright – SA Athenians

To be in the first UWS intercity derby with the runners this weekend is an exciting and huge moment for not only SA Athenians, but for San Antonio soccer as a whole.


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