Support Local Soccer Series: Profile on Corinthians FC of San Antonio

We begin our series on the local soccer clubs of San Antonio that play semi-professionally at the lower league level. This week we will be featuring the men’s clubs and the following week, featuring the women’s clubs.

The United States Soccer Association currently does not have promotion/relegation between the leagues, instead has a structure soccer pyramid of Leagues and Divisions that those leagues play in. For example, Major League Soccer plays in the top division and is the lone representation of Professional Division I soccer in the United States. Our local semi professional clubs play in the fourth division of the US Soccer pyramid. Many soccer players have developed in fourth division and moved on to USL, MLS and even National Team status.

US Soccer pyramid. Photo from reddit user Braedown

Here’s a look at the first club in our series, Corinthians FC of San Antonio.

Since the Club’s inception in 2009, the Corinthians FC of San Antonio has been a part of the San Antonio soccer landscape. Over the past 13 to 14 years, the Club has seen many challenges and enjoyed many successes.

Tell us a little bit about your club, when was it founded and brief history.

Starting as an amateur men’s team, the Club has now evolved into a Soccer Development Academy. The Club encompasses programming for ages 5 to 18 year old Boys and Girls competing at various levels locally and regionally.

We now also foster Men’s and Women’s Semi professional programs, competing in 3 different Leagues on a National Scale.

In 2014 The Men’s team made its National Premier Soccer League Debut ( NPSL ). During their inaugural season, they finished 3rd overall in regular conference play and were eliminated in the Conference final 4-2 by Tulsa Athletics.

In 2016 the Club made its US Open Cup debut, defeating North Texas Rayados in the first round. Ultimately the Men’s team was defeated by San Antonio FC in the 2nd Round of Open Cup play by a score of 3-1.

Since its beginning the Men’s program has now grown into two competitive teams, of which the U23 squad competes all year long.

Semi Professional Accomplishments
● 2014 Men’s First Team – NPSL Conference Finalist
● 2016 Men’s 1st Team – Lamar Hunt Open Cup Qualified
● 2016 Men’s 1st Team – Lamar Hunt Open Cup 2nd Round
● 2020 Men’s 1st Team – NSL Men’s Houston Conference Champions
● 2021 Men’s U23 Team – NSL Semi Finalists Houston Conference

Corinthians FC of San Antonio celebrating a Championship. Photo from Corinthians FC of SA website

What league do you play in, when does the season run?

National Premier Soccer League ( NPSL )

Why was the club founded and what were the expectations when the club was formed?

The Corinthians FC of San Antonio was created to affect change in our local communities through the use of sports education. It has been our hope, as a club, that the opportunities we provide will help build better leaders of tomorrow.

What are the philosophy and values of the club?

By showcasing our clubs core values of Respect, Responsibility , Solidarity & Perseverance.

We can help build not only better athletes on the field, but better people in life!

Many small lower league clubs in Europe not only claim the city that are in but more so represent the neighborhood or side of town. Does your club represent a side of town or more a representation of the city?

We are of San Antonio! I say that because we truly feel that way! At its core, our city is dynamic. Our roots run deep, our heritage is rich and our mix of cultures is celebrated. Nowhere is this reflected better than in the many and varied celebrations, which are held throughout the year all around the city.

With this being the new start for us in two of the major semi professional soccer leagues, we hope to connect with a diverse audience. We don’t want to just claim one side of town, we want to represent the whole San Antonio. More importantly, we want San Antonio to be proud of us!

Some players have shown success in lower league soccer and moved on to play at a higher level and even professionally. Has your club developed any players or in the processing of developing any promising players to the next level?

We have been blessed as a club to have handled many talented players. Throughout the past 3-4 years we have had several players that have had time with the Mexican National team in the U18 pool, Puerto Rican National 1st Team & a few that are currently playing professionally in Liga MX, in Mexico.

We also have a robust roster of players that developed with us, currently playing at the NCAA D1, D2, D3 & NAIA Levels in College.

As for the future? You will definitely see more of our players reach the same levels! This is what our program is about, hard work, staying humble & producing results. The players we have in waiting understand that and are hungry to prove themselves to past players who paved the way.

Corinthians FC of San Antonio player battles for possession. Photo from Corinthians FC of SA website

Many clubs have a defining style of play, in general terms, what kind of style does your club have? (ex. High press, tiki-taka, counter, etc..)

The Corinthians FC of San Antonio definitely has a possession based style of play. It’s
something in our DNA! We hope to impress our fans with quality team play goals and ball

Where does the club call home? What field or stadium do you play in? What is match day experience like for fans and supporters? Are there amenities like concession stands, merch, or other things. Are matches free to attend or tickets to purchase for matches?

The Corinthians FC of San Antonio invites everyone out to watch our Men’s & Women’s
Teams playing at San Antonio Christian School, 19150 Redland Rd, San Antonio.

Admission is $7 for Adults; $5 for Children ( U10 Free ). Come enjoy Concessions, Merchandise & exciting competition.

Link for the 2022 Corinthians FC of San Antonio Men’s NPSL schedule:

Corinthians FC of San Antonio. Photo from Corinthians FC of SA website.

How can a person or organization sponsor or donate to the club to help with league fees, operating costs and field a team?

Sponsorship & VIP Packages are always available. Please review the following link &
contact Joe Shafer at
Men’s Sponsorship Link:


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