HS Student Athlete Profile: Madison’s Jaycie Bass

Jaycie Bass is one the leaders of her Girls Soccer Team at Madison High School. A senior midfielder, Jayice currently leads in goals and assists this season, and off the pitch she helps raise and train puppies to become guide dogs for the blind through a program at the high school. Jaycie takes her studies just as serious as her success on the pitch and will graduate summa cum laude this year.

As a sophomore, she was part of the undefeated Madison Girls Soccer team during the shortened 2020 season Madison was one of the heavy favorites to win state that year. Jaycie was named as NEISD Midfielder of the Year in 2020 and 2021.

We met with Jaycie at McAllister Park Soccer Field, where it all started as a youth. The field brought fond memories as she discussed playing soccer for club, Madison and her next steps at college.

Get to know: Jaycie Bass

Jaycie is going to make history as part of the first ever women’s soccer team at Tarelton State

How old where you when you started playing soccer and what was the first team or club you played for?

I started playing with NEYSO when I was four years old. I started playing with SA United when I was 10 and they transferred to Sting when I was 14 and I have been with them since.

Who is your mentor or biggest influence when it comes to playing soccer?

My biggest mentor and influence when it comes to playing soccer would be my mom. She has always been my #1 fan and I know I can count on her for anything when it comes to soccer. She pushes me to be the best player and person that I can be and I’m so thankful to have her.

Photo by Soy SAF

Who is your favorite player and why?

My favorite player is Julie Ertz. She was my favorite player when I was younger because we both played center back and we both moved to midfield about the same time. She has always been a consistent and versatile player in any position and I find myself with a similar play style.

Julie Ertz. Photo from Getty Images

Who is your favorite team?

My favorite team is team USA. I love to see players from all over the US come together to play for their country with pride. 

Besides playing your primary position; is there any other position you play?

My primary position is attacking mid. I play defensive mid for club and started as a center back. I’ve also had experience playing outside back. Being a versatile player is very important to fit onto any field you step foot on.

Video by Soy SAF

What has been some of the keys to your and Madison Girls soccer team success this season?

An important key to our success this year is our strong senior class and we are a very solid team up the middle. Our midfield is able to play short ball around opponents and work the ball forward. Our seniors lead the team and give us the experience we need to develop the underclassmen and work together. Personally, with so much support I feel very confident shooting the ball from distance and have had success finding the back of the net.

What are your plans after high school? Are you planning to play in college or go pro?

I have signed to play Division 1 soccer at Tarleton State University on scholarship. I’m excited to compete at the next level in the WAC and I believe I will be an impactful player. I currently plan to major in animal science and I’m hoping to work in animal rescue or a related field.

Have you played at club or academy level? If so, what was your experience like playing for a club?

I started playing club when I was 10 and played for SA United and continued to play for them when they changed to Sting. I have had the pleasure of having the same coach, Brandon Rodriguez, since I started. He has developed me so much as a player and has coached me to be a versatile player with a high Soccer IQ. As well as participating in club soccer I also do extra strength and speed training at Uplifted Performance with Coach Rico Tafoya for the past 5 years. Coach Rico has trained me to be a fast player physically and mentally, and built up my strength to make sure I never get pushed off the ball. It’s been a blessing to have highly qualified coaches who have known me for so long and understand how to help me improve.

What advice would you give kids and underclassman looking to play Varsity High School soccer?

The best advice I can give them is to trust the process and always be proud to represent your school and community. High school soccer will make you try new things, play different positions, have new teammates, play against people older than you, etc. You need to accept it in stride and do everything you can to help out your team.

Jaycie Bass. Two time district champ. Two Time NEISD Midfielder of the Year. Photo by Soy SAF.

What is your pregame ritual? Do you have a favorite song, meal or other thing you do prior to a game?

I always listen to my game day playlist during the day. Right before the game and on the bus ride there you can absolutely find me dancing to Pitbull that we play on the speaker. I love to hype myself and my team up before the game and get us prepared to play. I also read a short pre game text message my mom sends every game and it makes me feel so supported.

Jaycie has fond memories of playing soccer at McAllister Park Soccer Fields as a young girl. Photo by Soy SAF

What are some important lessons and advice you have learned from your High School Soccer coach?

I have learned so many lessons from Coach Babcock. He has taught me most importantly to set my goals and earn them. Every year I have set goals for myself and my team and he has encouraged me to do all I can to prove that me and my team deserve it. He has given me lessons on how to be a better leader as well. He gives me advice on how to lead my team on and off the field, recognizing strengths and weaknesses, and to be patient and confident in my team’s ability. I’ve been blessed to have such a great high school coach.



  1. Congrats to Jaycie.

    On a different note the article has wrong information about her sophomore year. Johnson jaguars defense stopped Madison that year. I remember it well as we had just gotten back from ECNL Houston showcase and for some of our team this was the 5th game in a row. We won 1-0 and was looking forward to finally getting our footing going into the second half of district and having one of our senior standouts back on the fields with us.


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