Student Athlete Profile: Reagan’s Patricio Tenorio

We begin our High School Student Athlete profile series for the 2021-2022 season with Patricio Tenorio.

Patricio, who is in his senior year, attends San Antonio’s Reagan High School and was named to First Team All District, Second Team All Regional, Offensive Player of the Year and Player of the Week. He scored 13 Goals and posted four Assists during the 2020-2021 season for the Reagan Rattlers.

An up and coming striker in the San Antonio Region, get to know: Patricio Tenorio

How old where you when you started playing soccer and what was the first team or club

you played for?

I always played with a soccer ball since I was like 2 but I didn’t start playing in a team till I was 10. My first soccer team was in the YMCA and our team name was the vipers. My parents were trying to get me and my brother to play a sport, and we tried all sorts of sports from tennis to karate, but we finally settled on soccer because it was what we loved doing. And as time went by my love for soccer just kept growing. 

Photo by Soy SAF

Who is your mentor or biggest influence when it comes to playing soccer?

I have many but one is Álvaro I met him when I was 12 and he really influenced the way I play and his helped me grow outside of the field too. But I was lucky enough to have had many coaches and players who have shaped my game and the way I see it. I learned a lot of different perspectives and tactics from all of the coches I have had but I use what I think where the best lessons and adapt it to my game. With players it was the same. I always played with guys older then me and in many teams so there was always something to learn and try out to improve. 

Who is your favorite player and why?

I have a few favorite soccer players that I love watching play or for their attitude towards the game, however if I have to name some it would have to be Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. Ronaldo for his mentality of being the best player and winning no matter what, and Bale’s play style in his prime was just crazy. He was a monster on the wing, he would take on everyone on the wing with his pace and simple dribbling, and his left foot was just insane. 

Who is your favorite team?

I would say my favorite team is Real Madrid. They have been my team since I started playing soccer and they always have great players that I look up too and admire. AC Milan is another team I have grew interest in lately. 

Besides playing your primary position; is there any other position you play?

I can play any where in the front 3, right and left wing or striker. Striker is where I played last season in high school and this season in club. I played a holding mid in club last season and I actually really liked it and I think I did a good job at it, but my best is at the wings or up top at the 9.

Photo by Soy SAF

What has been some of the keys to your and Reagan Boys soccer team success this season?

Well our district season is just about to start, although we had a great preseason in Dallas and in scrimmages we figured out some things to change and improve on. What makes this season stand out of my other 3 seasons in the varsity team is that this year the whole team gets along with each other and I noticed that makes a team perform better, also the most important reason is that we all know what we are capable of accomplishing this season. And we’re all hungry to win. 

What are your plans after high school? Are you planning to play in college or go pro?

My plan is to go to a great school with very competitive soccer so I can learn more and improve to get better and probably play at the highest level. 

Have you played at club or academy level? If so, what was your experience like playing for

a club?

I have played in several clubs the biggest ones being SA United and the one I’m in right now, SA City ECNL. I like it because it challenges me to play with players that I never played with, therefore it tests me with new styles of play and formations. And since my club team is in the ECNL we play against the top players in state and country and that really helps you grow individually as a player. 

Photo by Soy SAF

What advice would you give kids and underclassman looking to play Varsity High School soccer?

Don’t quit, if you didn’t make it to varsity your first years. Playing for your school is amazing it’s like playing for your area, where you live. it gives you a sense of pride of competing with other schools and beating them. 

What is your pregame ritual? Do you have a favorite song, meal or other thing you do

prior to a game?

I really only have one specific ritual apart from the obvious ones like a good night sleep and a lot of hydration. The night before a game I’ll visualize the match , the moves I’ll most likely do, the shots I take, the weather, the pitch with the sounds of the crowd, everything. I trying playing a video in my head with all of this going on and I normally just fall asleep to that.

Photo by Soy SAF

What are some important lessons and advice you have learned from your high school soccer coach?

He (Head Coach Gilbert Villarreal) has taught me a lot during my 4 years in the varsity team, but the most important lesson is that it’s all in the mentality. It’s how you see yourself, how you carry yourself.



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