Benji Mendoza

Finally! A WIN!

Week thirteen begins with SAFC snapping a seven game losing streak, San Antonio FC finally gets a big win on the road against the fourth place Colorado Switchbacks of the USL Championships Western Mountain Conference. Winning on the road is a big deal for the silver and black whom have been struggling as of late with results and injuries.

How big was this win? For the first time in club history San Antonio was able to win on the road in Colorado Springs. The match saw a different type of energy from the team which pressed for the majority of the match. Within just seven minutes of the match, the Brazilian Nathan Fogaça opened the game up and momentum for the Alamo City boys. Fogaça would end the match with two goals, one coming off PK, and being named Man of The Match.

(On Nathan’s performance…)

“He’s earned it and he’s been committed to doing the actions on and off the ball. His pressing actions were fantastic, he put himself in good attacking positions and got rewarded for it, so I’m very proud of Nathan and the collective.”

Matt Cardone had his best games of the season and I would say one of the best of his career coming in clutch with saving and onslaught by one of the USL top scorers and always a dangerous man Hadji Barry. A season high of eight saves on the road in a very must win match to bring back faith into the San Antonio faithful back home.

SAFC Goalkeeper Matthew Cardone

(On the road win…)

“We’re all very excited because it was a complete team effort. Everyone who started and everyone who came on as a sub battled the entire time, and I’m proud of all the guys.”

Another major contribution was seeing midfielder PC Victor Giro make his return to the pitch. Pushing forward and keeping the attack constant. The turning point of this match came when Joe Gallegos took a shot at goal which resulted it hitting the hand of a Switchbacks defender in the box. PC took charge and capitalized on the PK awarded. Finishing the match a goal and four major tackles. A very key player moving forward into the season as San Antonio fights now for that precious fourth spot of the table.

Next match with be against New Mexico United which sits third in the table and have already beat San Antonio at home. Match will be July in San Antonio as the Silver seek to climb up on the table for that fourth play off spot. The big question is, will the w’s keep coming.


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