The Best Crest in Texas: Vote Now!


The Opening Round for “The Best Crest of Texas”

This could be the first time something like this is being done. You’ve probably seen some form of bracket or crest rankings but not for all the semi-pro and professional clubs in the Great State of Texas. Soccer has grown over the past twenty years in the Lone Star State. With the addition of Austin FC in 2021, Texas will have three Major League Soccer clubs. Among the professional ranks there are four USL Championship clubs that call Texas home, one USL 1 club, several USL 2 clubs and many clubs from the NPSL, NSL and UPSL.

With Austin FC coming in 2021, Houston Dynamo rebranding their crest and a few new semi-pro clubs that came in 2020, seems like the perfect time for this tournament.

For this single elimination tournament, 56 club crests will face each other in a somewhat regional format to voted by you, the footies of Texas, to compare who has the better crest. Voting for each round will be open for an extended period of time to allow a chance for people to vote. First round will be two weeks long and the following rounds will be a week long until there is one reigning team left with the ” Best Crest in Texas”


First Round Voting: Dec. 20th, 2020 to Jan. 3rd, 2021

Round of 32 Voting: Jan. 10th to Jan 17th

Round of 16 Voting: Jan. 24th to Jan. 31st

Quarter Finals: Jan. 31st to Feb. 7th

Semi Finals: Feb. 7th to Feb. 14th

Final: Feb. 14th to Feb. 21st

With 56 clubs being represented in Texas, there will be 8 clubs with a first round bye. They are: Austin Bold, Austin FC, El Paso Locomotive, FC Dallas, Houston Dynamo, North Texas SC, San Antonio FC and RGV Toros FC.

Note: 1. This tournament for the men’s clubs, we will have one for the women’s clubs in the near future. 2. We were able to find 56 crests in the semi-pro and pro ranks in Texas, if we missed a club. We apologize for the omission, either we couldn’t find a crest online or a club doesn’t play in the mentioned semi-pro or pro leagues mentioned above.

Without further hesitation, here are your first round match ups:


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