UIL: Boys High School Preview and Predictions

The UIL High School Soccer season is just a few weeks away as non-district matches start in earnest on December 10th. The 2020-2021 season will have it’s challenges, one of which is UIL realignment for spring sports but UIL is hopeful for a safe and completed season. The 2019-2020 season was left with a UIL State Champion and some contenders feel like they have unfinished business. While some schools are strong contenders to a UIL State Championship, others are looking improve on last season’s records while others build teamwork and comradery. At the the end of the day, it shouldn’t be about wins, draws or loses but building a team of leaders and skills for the future.

We will look at some marquee matches and take a semi educated guess on how the UIL’s San Antonio centric districts will finish in 2020-2021. without further ado, let’s get started:

6A Region 4 District 27

Last year as District 26, Schertz Clemens (district champs last 3 of 4 seasons) finished as champs with a record of 18-1-1 and undefeated in district play well ahead of second place Smithson Valley. San Marcos has moved from the district to a more Austin centric district and South San Antonio (5-12-4) has taken their place in the realigned District 27. San Antonio Wagner makes the jump to 27-6A after a 15-5-3 record in 26-5A. New Braunfels Unicorns will be looking to reclaim the District after winning it during the 2018-2019 season.

Predicted Final Standings

  1. Schertz Clemens
  2. Smithson Valley
  3. New Braunfels
  4. SA Wagner
  5. Cibolo Steele
  6. Converse Judson
  7. SA East Central
  8. South San Antonio

6A Region 4 District 28

San Antonio LEE has finished as district regular champions for two years in a row. They went to the UIL State Final in Georgetown in 2019 and were looking to finish the task in 2020. Churchill has been on the rise for the last three seasons and may be soon to peaking this season. Reagan last won the District in 2018 and are looking to take the top spot again. Clark joins the district after finishing 6-9-6 in 28-6A.

Predicted Final Standings

  1. Churchill
  2. SA LEE
  3. SA Roosevelt
  4. SA Reagan
  5. SA Madison
  6. SA Johnson
  7. SA Clark
  8. SA Brandeis
  9. SA MacArthur

6A Region 4 District 29

Last season saw Marshall and Warren finished on top with identical district records of 10-1-6. Marshall had the better overall record of 15-2-6. Brandeis and Clark aligned to another district and Harlan joins 29-6A for the 2019-2020 season after a second place finish in 28-5A with a record of 15-4-2.

Predicted Final Standings

  1. SA O’Connor
  2. SA Warren
  3. SA Brennan
  4. SA Marshall
  5. SA Harlan
  6. SA Jay
  7. SA Taft
  8. SA Stevens
  9. SA Holmes

5A Region 4 District 26

Boerne Champion were District Champions for the 2019-2020 season with a overall 16-2-1 record (12-1-1 in district). We see four new schools enter the realigned district with Alamo Heights, Buda Johnson, Comal Canyon, Dripping Springs and Kyle Lehman. SA Wagner and SA McCollum move up to 6A and Harlandale moves to 28-5A.

Predicted Final Standings

  1. Boerne Champion
  2. Kerrville Tivy
  3. Comal Canyon
  4. SA Alamo Heights
  5. SA Veterans Memorial
  6. Dripping Springs
  7. Kyle Lehman
  8. Buda Johnson
  9. Seguin

5A Region 4 District 27

Lots of movement in 27-5A during the latest UIL Alignment, with Alamo Heights (last year’s district winner moving) its wide open for a new district champion for the 2020-2021 season. Jefferson look to be the favorites as they had a 20-4-0 record last season.

  1. SA Jefferson
  2. SA Lanier
  3. SA Burbank
  4. SA Memorial
  5. SA Brackenbridge
  6. SA Burbank
  7. SA Edison
  8. SA Houston
  9. SA Jefferson
  10. SA Kennedy

5A Region 4 District 28

Southwest were contenders last year for the UIL 5A state championship and feel like they have unfinished business, newly joined Harlandale will have something to say and be contenders for the district crown.

  1. SA Southwest
  2. SA Harlandale
  3. SA Southside
  4. Eagle Pass Winn
  5. Southwest Legacy
  6. Medina Valley
  7. SA McCollum
  8. Floresville

4A Region 4 District 26

Prediction Final Standings

  1. Fredericksburg
  2. Comal Canyon Lake
  3. Boerne
  4. Wimberly
  5. Bandera
  6. Comal Davenport

4A Region 4 District 27

Prediction Final Standings

  1. Pleasanton
  2. La Vernia
  3. Somerset
  4. SA Fox Tech
  5. Uvalde
  6. Poteet

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