Final Word: The Restrepo Renaissance

Walter Restrepo is sculpting his legacy, painting beautiful passes and designing wonderful goals for San Antonio FC. Restrepo has enjoyed a rebirth of sorts recording three goals and six assists, his best season since 2012 when he had six goals and eight assists with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. Walter has also enjoyed his second successful stint in San Antonio. In 2014, with the NASL Champion Scorpions, Walter had three goals and four assists.

Walter Restrepo photo – by Soy_SAF

Restrepo has made nine consecutive starts after starting on the bench at the beginning of season. Injuries and change in personnel has thrust Walter into the starting XI and has not disappointed. He has played every well and has a high tactical acumen. Restrepo has been part of a three man front in Darren Powell’s 3-4-3 formation as a right winger.

Walter Restrepo making his way to corner – photo by Soy_SAF

Walter’s style of play has been thorn in the side of many defenses, cutting through with beautiful touches and dribbles as recently shown when he sliced and diced his way through the Tulsa and Fresno defenses on his way to goal. His passing is just shy of 80 percent but his passes that connect have put him into the current assist leader spot for the club. Frank Lopez and Crisitan Parano have benefited the most from Walter Restrepo.

Walter Restrepo against NMU – photo by Soy_SAF

As SAFC makes their push for the playoffs in the final three matches of the season, Restrepo will be a vital and crucial player.


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