Final Word: SAFC Caught in a Trap Game

Trap Game – is a game in which a stronger team faces a seemingly weak team the week before facing a formidable opponent. I.E. focus of the team is on the next week strong opponent and expectation of an easy win over the current opponent. 

San Antonio FC lost in embarrassing fashion to the lowly Tacoma Defiance. SAFC came out flat like two day old Dr Pepper sitting in a Whataburger cup on a nightstand after a weekend of hard partying. After dominating New Mexico the week prior, SAFC laid an egg and lost 5-1 to last place Tacoma. Few words can explain the loss, all fans can hope is this was a fluke game and SAFC can regroup and find a way to win in Phoenix.

Story of the Year, not the rock band but the theme for SAFC. Play well against the top teams in the USL and drop some stinkers against the bottom of the table teams. That’s exactly what has happened the last few weeks. Not sure what to make of it, winning on the road is always tough, no matter who the opponent is. It’s the way the club lost. The team looked disillusioned from the first whistle, never gelled and Tacoma made them pay for it. One of three things had to have happened, SAFC overlooked the current opponent and was more focused on playing Phoenix, the coaching strategy was way off or the players just gave up. None are which is acceptable. One could make an argument if SAFC had lost a gritty 1-0 or 2-1 match. But it’s a match now a few days in the past, can’t dwell on it too long for Phoenix is now the next club up on the schedule.


San Antonio FC announced that Midfielder Billy Forbes was released from the club. Forbes had 3 goals and 3 assists in 23 appearance; was second in shots and shots on target to only Frank Lopez.

Link to press release:

Up Next:

San Antonio FC travels to Phoenix where the Rising have won 17 matches in a row and are on a historic run. The Rising hasn’t lost a match since May 4th to Orange County. SAFC have a tall order in hand. Traveling to Phoenix, facing a team that is hot as about a team can be and be in a battle for a playoff. SAFC is currently on the outside looking in on the final playoff spots. The remaining schedule is tough for SAFC, 8 matches left with 5 away and will face 3 of the top 5 teams in the West down the stretch. The USL has SAFC at a 62 percent chance of still making the playoffs and projected to finish as high as 8th. San Antonio will have to refocus, rise to the challenge and finish strong to have a chance at a decent playoff position.

USL playoff race:


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