Final Word: SAFC nullifies New Mexico

San Antonio, TX

It was an epic night and some of y’all missed it. San Antonio FC came out with the Yeet sticks and utterly obliterated New Mexico United with the biggest margin of victory in club history; on a night which looked like some people ending up watching another thrashing instead of heading out to Toyota Field; the Dallas Cowboys also shut out the Houston Texas with no chill. Leaving the only question, who’s beat down was worse? We’ll leave that to debate.

The Argentine 19, Crisitan Parano had the best match of his young career, making mince meat of New Mexico with two goals and two assists. Parano walked off the pitch magnanimous, like Arya Stark at the battle for Winterfell, leaving New Mexico in ashes. Frank “The Tank” Lopez unloaded his signature 120 mike mike KE shot right through the hands of the poor keeper Cody Mizell, reports were Mizell was still looking for his fingers somewhere in the stands after the game. Walter Restrepo, looking like he has found the fountain of youth, decimated New Mexico’s defense and they couldn’t stop his quick accurate passes. Restrepo added a goal and an assist as well.

The night was topped off when Cristian Parano made a beautiful rabona to Brian Gomez, which left New Mexico defender and captain Josh Suggs twisting like he was warming up for Pilates. Brian Gomez connected with the pass and took a low shot past the diving Mizell for a goal.

Also have to mention two unsung heroes in the match, Matt Cardone and Pecka. Cardone faced 13 shots and made 2 saves as his beard continues to put fear in the hearts of attackers. Cardone collected his 6 clean sheet of the season and is tied for 10th in the USL Championship. Pecka, after being scratched from the starting XI last week as a health precaution, played strong with a 91 percent accuracy on 44 passes.

So metal….

With Parano’s recent run, there is no one close to being named USL player of the month. USL might as well give it to Parano now, even though there still another week of games this month.

San Antonio FC made the jump from 12th to 8th in the playoff race and is only two points from 4th place Austin Bold in the USL Western Conference table. SAFC has lost only two matches in the last twelve and have a plus nine goal differential. San Antonio is also one goal way from shattering their all time goals for one season, which is 44, done twice in 2017 and 2018.

Up next is the lowly Tacoma Krakens, I mean Defiance who are defiantly in last place with 17 points. Be wary, SAFC fans. This is clearly a trap game. Coming off such a historic night and Phoenix Rising on the horizon, SAFC could let it’s guard down and lose to Tacoma. It happened last year, coming off an emotional 2-1 win over the Los Dos, SAFC traveled to then Seattle Sounders 2 the following week riding a three game winning streak and got shellacked by Henry Wingo’s brace performance. San Antonio are the clear favorites, this is a different team than last year’s….duh…

SAFC is firing on all cylinders, has found the right formation and starting XI. Darren Powell should ride with it til the end. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.


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