Could San Antonio FC add Another Player before the End of the Season?

The USL Championship schedule is a long and grueling one. There are 34 matches this season and in the Western Conference, travel and altitude are also very much a factor. Teams in the Western Conference also seem to play a more physical style compared to the East. On top that; add the training schedule, friendly matches and US Open Cup matches, it can take a toll on an athlete. Despite that USL players are at peak elite levels of fitness, they do get banged up and injured throughout the season. In what can be considered a dark side of the USL, players are signed on to only a one year contract and many will continue playing injured or hide being nicked up in hopes that midweek therapy sessions help them heal.

Ethan Bryant – photo by Soy_SAF

San Antonio has it’s fair share of the walking wounded. Leeroy Maguraushe is out for the year, Bradford Jameison IV also looks like he could be out for the rest of the season. Ethan Bryant, Pascal Eboussi were posted on the injured list last week. Billy Forbes and Brian Gomez also missed last week’s match, speculating that both could be nicked up as well. Lance Laing, also injured, appears to be close to a return as he has rejoined the team in training this week.

Lance Laing

Could SAFC add another player to cover down if another player goes on the injured list for an extended period of time?

We can only guess what the Front Office is thinking but we can guess who could be on SAFC’s radar if they decide to get someone to add to the roster.

SAFC is currently down to two pure strikers, Ever Guzman and Frank Lopez. Jamieson IV appears to be down for the year and may return back to the LA Galaxy. If SAFC wants to add depth, they may call back Alex Bruce from loan with the Lansing Ignite. Bruce has played effectively with three goals and two assists while on loan. It would benefit SAFC bringing back Bruce without risk of having to find a player to fit into SAFC’s system

Alex Bruce – photo by Soy_SAF

Second player we speculate that could be on San Antonio FC’s radar is Tyler Turner, a defender who was recently with the Birmingham Legion. Turner and Legion have mutually parted ways this past week and Turner is looking for a new home. Tyler Turner will likely be familiar to both Darren Powell and Tim Holt as Turner was part of the Orlando City system from 2014-2016, the same time Darren was coaching the youth and Tim Holt was Vice President of Development at Orlando City.

Tyler Turner -photo by Dambuilder22

Best case scenario, those on the injured list for SAFC with exception of Jamieson and Maguraushe will be 100 percent and back on the pitch in no time. If not, SAFC would have to at least take a look of available players out there, could be the ones mentioned or another player SAFC would find as a better fit for the team down stretch. The USL season is long and every club is fighting the same battle to keep players healthy and injury free.


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