SAFC scores big with Graffiti Night

by Miguel Padilla

San Antonio Futbol Club held an event on Thursday evening at Toyota Field, dubbed Graffiti Night. SAFC opened their doors to the public and making the tunnel wall beneath the stands a canvas for fans to express themselves and be creative in supporting the squad.

Graffiti night was a hit, there was a great turnout and it was a lot of fun! Young and old alike let loose their inner Picasso; as brushes put red, gray and black paint on the tunnel wall, there was a sense of energy and excitement for the upcoming season.

Rafa poses in front some inspirational quotes

It was great to see Tim Holt, Darren Powell, Rafa Castillo and some of the new signings there chatting and taking pictures with the fans. Fans also had access to the pitch to check it out; kids ran around imagining scoring a match winning goal for SAFC. The pitch absolutely looks immaculate, Dave Susi and company have done a superb job in getting the pitch ready for 2019, the grass is already in mid-season form, lush and green despite the winter we’ve had this year.

As the evening came to a close, the tunnel went from a sterile mix of gray stone, cement and steel to a vibrant mix of team colors. The messages of encouragement, paintings and inspirational quotes will be lifting the squad spirits all season long.

San Antonio FC continues the preseason with a match on Saturday February 23rd at 7 PM against USL expansion team El Paso Locomotives FC. Tickets are $10 to the general public and free for season ticket holders. For information on becoming a season ticket member, contact SAFC sales representative, Brianna Guevara at 210-444-5484 (call or text) or email


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